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PrimeTime Amusements is the trusted Arcade Game Room Operator for major attractions and family entertainment centers.

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We can install a custom PlayCard system allowing your game room to operate on a cashless basis, thus generating more revenue and eliminating the accounting hassles of each arcade game.

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Boardwalk Bowl Entertainment Center

Boardwalk Bowl Entertainment Center:

This 100,000 sq ft. entertainment center features 80 incredible bowling lanes, indoor mini-golf and the addition of our PrimeTime Amusements arcade game room and PlayCard system. We included the added value of a brand new redemption counter along with a plethora of exciting ticket-redemption games. PrimeTime also partnered with several game manufacturers to create customized arcade games bearing the colors and logo of Boardwalk Bowl!

Boardwalk Bowl Entertainment Center

Bird Bowl Bowling Center:

For over 50 years Bird Bowl has been the leader in providing quality family entertainment in South Florida. PrimeTime Amusements helped to renovate their game room with brand new equipment along with the installation of a customized PlayCard system. We also added a new redemption counter along with a ticket-less redemption system that utlilizes our PlayCards instead of expensive and wasteful reems of paper tickets. Bird Bowl's new PrimeTime Game Room benefits from the latest money-saving and efficient arcade technologies available!

McDonald's FunCard

McDonald's Orlando, FL:

Our newest PlayCard setup involved 3 separate locations and hundreds of state-of-the-art video arcade games over at the McDonald's Orlando, Florida restaurants. The biggest of which is inside the World's Largest Entertainment McDonald's with over 100 video arcades. The cashless PlayCard system links to other PrimeTime arcades in McDonald's restaurants throughout the city.

Nascar Sports Grille

Nascar Sports Grille:

This is a great concept sports bar with a popular brand name and they called on PrimeTime Amusements to create the perfect game room to match their stock car racing theme and the quality their guests expect from NASCAR. Complete with a cashless swipe card system from Sacoa, PrimeTime was able to deliver on its promise to create a convenient gaming experience for our client and their guests as well.

Universal Orlando Resports

Universal Orlando Resorts:

One of our biggest projects to date! PrimeTime Amusements had to match the world-class expectations of this truly exceptional landmark. We seamlessly linked several game rooms located on different properties to operate off the same Sacoa PlayCard system; thus providing a truly Universal gaming experience for the guests in all of their resorts.


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