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PrimeTime Amusements offers a variety of new and certified pre-owned video arcade games for sale.

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PrimeTime Amusements is the leader when it comes to providing the most popular video arcade games. Browse through our menu of options below, view our Game Index or try our Arcade Game Search Engine to find any particular title!

Thunder Simulator

Featured Arcade Game Specials

Top-notch arcade machines, new games, certified pre-owned arcade games and amazing deals! We spotlight notable arcade games from our inventory here.

Thunder Simulator

Outdoor Games

Exciting games that fit perfectly out on your patio, pool side, deck, or as a perfect compliment to any outdoor restaurant and arcade location looking to maximize space and revenue. These outdoor sports games will attract new players like never before.

rush racing

Arcade Simulators

Simulators are among the most interactive arcade consoles you can find. Race head-to-head, link 8 players, ski, surf, or drive your way into an exciting event with this selection!

blitz 2000

Video Games

Choose from our huge selection of classic video arcade consoles. From Blitz 2000, Mortal Kombat, to Mega Touch, these are the games that keep guests hooked for hours of fun!

PrimeTime Goalie

Traditional Games

How about providing your guests with a pool table, a state-of-the-art pinball machine, or a party-rocking jukebox at your next event? These are the classic arcade games no function can be without!

buzzy bee

Redemption Games

Nothing is better than being able to rack up tickets on these fun games and trade them in for prizes! Add a few of these highly-addictive redemption games to your site for added fun and profit.

buzzy bee

Product Games

These exciting arcade machines are a one-stop shop redemption phenomenon. Test your luck with these instant win prize games ideal for high traffic locations such as shopping malls and arcades, ensuring incredible profits!

video arcade index

Arcade Game Index

Browse through our index of coin operated and arcade games and you just might find the title you are looking for! Contact us today and we can help you search for the perfect games for your next event.

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