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Coperto Red, White & Blue

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Coperto Red, White & Blue

About Coperto Red, White & Blue:
The Coperto cabinet constructed from high quality multi-layer plywood coated with plastic laminate. The table structure is kept together by metal plates and brackets fastened by screws and bolts for easy replacing of all parts, even the wooden ones. The classic styled slanted legs are made of the hardest beech wood for increased stability. 16 mm telescopic rods in high resistance cold drawn steel, plated with 15 microns of anti-rust chromium.

The cabinet is covered by a tempered glass, which reduces the noise of the game and makes any game tampering impossible The system is completely sealed to prevent ball theft. The cabinet can be opened to reach the inside. The upper cabinet is lifted effortless thanks to two gas struts, which also support the upper cabinet as long as it is lifted: all the operations can be carried out with full safety. These are among the best coin operated foosball tables in the industry and are guaranteed for LIFE!

Category: Traditional | Traditional - Foosball - Bar & Pub
Dimensions: Height: 38", Width: 30", Length: 59"
Weight: 275lbs
Price: $1575.00
Condition: Excellent
Manufacturer: Garlando